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Confucian Tradition versus Cartesian Mind

They are friendly, generous, caring, supportive, but hypersensitive and easily flammable ... They place the interest of the group above the whims of the ego. All will fight without the slightest reluctance for their country. They will fight in 2002 for Korea to triumph in World Cup football as the...


Discovering Russia makes it possible to acquire a solid fund of general knowledge about the Russian country. The book deals with geographical, human, cultural and civilizational characteristics, focus...


Discover the ancestral tradition of riddles play in Tibet with a richly illustrated book.

Illustrations from Sènga la Rouge.

Published November 27th, 2019.


The Afghan way of life
In this disturbed time when armed conflicts impose everywhere an atmosphere of violence and where extremist movements claiming to be Muslims carry so many confused young people in their wake and discredit all Muslims, especially the Afghans, Stay for the night! offers an authentic and underestimated face of the Afgha...


One of the most comprehensive Chinese textbooks from beginner to B2 level, offering a reasoned progression of learning Chinese (written and oral in parallel, communication and grammar). The third level, richly illustrated in color, with many recordings, presents the Chinese society of today.

Drama on Persia of the Qajar Court

French-Persian and Persian-French bilingual book


Published on March 20th, 2019
Taking an eco-critical approach, Gwennaël Gaffric discusses the literary treatment of ecological issues in Taiwan. He focuses his study on the works of Wu Ming-yi, a major figure in Taiwanese literary, artistic and militant scenes, but he seeks to expand his presentation by putting in perspective and dialogue...


On the occasion of the publication of 108 Tibetan riddles, the bookshop Le Phénix is pleased to welcome Françoise Robin,...
The Asiathèque is moving in the 11th arrondissement of Paris near the metro Goncourt. Come soon to discover our new...
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