Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782360573165
Collection: 80 mots du monde
12 x 18 cm
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Pages: 208
First publication: 10/04/2024
CLIL: 3718

80 mots du Maroc

Preface : Zakia Iraqui Sinaceur

Morocco through her words by Kenza Sefrioui

"The tour of Morocco offered in this book is in Moroccan Arabic. Not to exclude or undermine other languages, especially Amazigh, but because Darija is ultimately the common denominator of the majority of Moroccans, alongside our other languages."
Kenza Sefrioui

The themes chosen are as relevant as they are evocative, covering the main aspects of Moroccan life. The least one can say on reading this new publication is that the author has risen to the challenge.
(Extract from the preface by Zakia Iraqui Sinaceur)

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On every page of this repertoire, which reads like a novel, Kenza Sefrioui brilliantly rises to the challenge of introducing us to her country through the musicality and flavour of her words. Morocco on the tip of your tongue.

(Le Monde (Kidi Bebey), 28/04/2024)
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Kenza Sefrioui

Kenza Sefrioui was born in Paris in 1979. She is a cultural journalist, literary critic and publisher based in Casablanca. She wrote the literary column for Le Journal hebdomadaire from 2005 to 2010. She worked for Tel Quel from 2011 to 2022 and now for the website She wrote her doctoral thesis in comparative literature at the Université Paris IV-Sorbonne on the newspaper Souffles (1966-1973), which evoked hopes for a cultural revolution in Morocco (Éditions du Sirocco, Grand Atlas prize 2013). She co-edited Casablanca œuvre ouverte, with a second volume, Casablanca poème urbain, on contemporary writing in Casablanca (Le Fennec, 2013). Co-founder of the publishing house En toutes lettres and a cultural activist, she is also the author of an investigation into books in Morocco: Le livre à l'épreuve, les failles de la chaîne au Maroc (En toutes lettres, 2017). Alongside Leila Slimani, Kenza Sefrioui published Casablanca, Nid d'artistes (Malika éditions, 2019).

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Zakia Iraqui Sinaceur

Zakia Iraqui Sinaceur has a doctorate in linguistics and is a university lecturer. She founded the Moroccan Association for Linguistic Heritage (AMAPATRIL). She is the editor of Dictionnaire Colin d’arabe dialectal marocain.


80 mots du monde
ISSN : 2650-4790
The collection "80 words of the world" offers a journey to the heart of a country through the words that count in the languages of the women and men who live there.