Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782915255898
Collection: Hors Collection
15.7 x 24 cm
Weight: 464 gr
Pages: 192
Edition : 2009
First publication: 01/01/1989
Last printing: 02-2024

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Invitation au japonais

À la découverte de la langue et de l'écriture

A few hours of reading, 400 ideograms, 1,000 useful words, and a conversation guide. This book encompassing many aspects of Japanese life and culture is perfect for business people, engineers and scientists, foreign interns and residents in Japan, university students, tourists, and all those who wish to improve their knowledge in the comfort of their own home. Jean Mathieu, a chemical engineer, and his wife Colette Batsch, a visual artist, developed a passion for Chinese and Japanese ideograms and the Japanese language in general after travelling extensively in Japan. With this book, they set out to rid people of their inhibitions faced with these complex characters, which at first glance appear so abstruse, and to show them that once they have taken their first steps, they will enter a fascinating world filled with excitement and discovery.

The royalties on the sales of this book are donated to the Foujita Foundation, dedicated to promoting the education, training and integration of young people disadvantaged by educational, social or familial issues.

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Jean Mathieu

Jean Mathieu, a chemical engineer and founding member of the Société franco-japonaise de chimie fine et thérapeutique, was president of the Japan Club of the CNRS industrial relations committee.

Colette Batsch

Colette Batsch, was an engineer and a visual artist who has left behind a creative legacy of original structures often linked to music.


I. La calligraphie (Calligraphy)
2. Regard sur les Kanji (A look at Kanji)
3. De la double nature du japonais (On the dual nature of Japanese)
4. Les clefs des kanji (The Kanji keys)
5. L'homme et la main (Man and hand)
6. Les kana (Kana)
7. Les nombres (Numbers)
8. Les mots (Words)
9. La phrase (The Sentence)
10. La vie japonaise (Japanese Life)
Sachez lire (How to Read)
Sachez dire (Useful expressions)
Tableaux des kana (Kana tables)
Clefs déterminantes (Determining keys)
Pour en savoir plus (Further reading)