Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782360573943
Collection: Novella de Chine
10 x 18 cm
Weight: 152 gr
Pages: 192
First publication: 24/01/2024

Peut-être qu'il s'est passé quelque chose

Translation: Brigitte Duzan, Zhang Guochuan

A young girl committed suicide by leaving a cryptic note. A novice journalist offers to investigate, hoping to get a sensational article out of it. His boss gives him five days.

In this story Lu Min paints a fine picture of urban society in China today.

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Brigitte Duzan

Brigitte Duzan is an independent researcher in Chinese literature and cinema and translator of Chinese. Founder and host of two reference websites: on Chinese cinema and on Chinese literature. Her research and translations are mainly focused on Chinese women's literature and Chinese short stories, as well as the cinema adapted from this literature. Animator of the Cycle littérature et cinéma chinois de l’université de Paris (formerly Paris-Diderot), she founded and also animates the Club de lecture de littérature chinois (Chinese Literature Reading Club, former Literature Club of the Chinese Cultural Center in Paris) .


Novella de Chine
ISSN : 2800-9339
Literary texts lying between novel and short story form a specific genre of Chinese literature combining the narrative richness of one with the stylistic qualities of the other, for which French has no specific term, hence the choice to borrow that of novella from English. This genre has become so important in China and has given rise to such original and remarkable works that L'Asiathèque has decided to devote a collection to it, directed by Brigitte Duzan: "Novella de Chine".