Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782360572533
Collection: Taiwan Fiction
14 x 18 cm
Weight: 232 gr
Pages: 216
First publication: 26/08/2020
Last printing: 08-2020
CLIL: 3444
BISAC: FIC028040

Book published with the financial support of Taiwan Cultural Center of Paris et du Ministry of Culture (Taiwan).

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The pearls of one of the leading authors of the Chinese sci-fi scene.

A host of unusual beings, sirens, fauns, androids, insect eaters, intergalactic investigators, roam the pages of these short stories. With his experimental but always sensitive writing, Chi Ta-wei invents worlds to come which, while strangely resembling our own, reveal the poisons that gnaw at him and strive to find the antidotes. After Membrane, a powerful and poetic science fiction novel on the mutations of the body and memory, he questions here the excesses of our technical societies and the normativity of our identities. Chi Ta-wei (born in 1972) is one of the singular voices of the world literature of the imagination. He is the author of several fantasy and science fiction novels and short stories. He is an important figure in the movements for the defense of the homosexual cause on the island of Taiwan. Membrane (published in French by L'Asiathèque in 2015 and by Le livre de poche in 2017) is considered the first Chinese-language "queer SF" novel.

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Chi Ta-Wei

Chi Ta-wei is a Doctor of Comparative Literature from the University of California (UCLA), he teaches literature at National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan). He is an important figure in advocacy movements homosexual in the Chinese world.

Olivier Bialais

Olivier Bialais holds a master's degree in Chinese literature from the National Institute of Oriental Languages ​​and Civilization (Inalco). He has lived in Taiwan for over six years, two of which were spent as a research assistant in the Department of Literature and Philosophy at Academia Sinica. He then spent several years in South Korea, notably as a French teacher at the Korean Defense Language Institute. Returning to France, he is now librarian at the Chinese fund of the municipal library of Lyon. He has translated texts by various Taiwanese authors, including Chen Xue for Jentayu, but also Chu Tien-wen, Chu Tien-hsin and Kuo Cheng.

Gwennaël Gaffric

Born in 1987, Gwennaël Gaffric is a lecturer in Chinese studies at Jean Moulin University Lyon 3, where he teaches Chinese language and culture. He is the author of several articles in French, English and Chinese on Chinese-speaking literature (China, Hong Kong and Taiwan). His recent research focuses on contemporary Chinese language science fiction. He is also a translator literary and directs the "Taiwan Fiction" collection at L'Asiathèque.

Coraline Jortay

Coraline Jortay holds a doctorate in Chinese literature at the Université libre de Bruxelles, where she defended a thesis on gender representations and identity construction among Chinese-speaking authors of the twentieth century. Also a literary translator, she won the 2nd and 3rd prizes of the 2013 China International Translation Competition with the short stories “Up”, by Wang Xiangfu, and “The Letter”, by Liu Qingbang, published in the collection Tranchant de moon and other contemporary news from China (Ming Books, 2016). She has also translated Walis Nokan's collection Les paths des rêve et autres microfictions (L’Asiathèque, 2018).


Avant-propos par Gwennaël Gaffric (Foreword by Gwennaël Gaffric)
1.| Perles (1.| Beads)
traduit par Gwennaël Gaffric (translated by Gwennaël Gaffric)
2.| L’après-midi d’un faune (2.| Afternoon for a faun)
traduit par Gwennaël Gaffric (translated by Gwennaël Gaffric)
3.| La guerre est finie (3.| The war is over)
traduit par Olivier Bialais  (translated by Olivier Bialais)
4.| Éclipse (4.| Eclipse)
traduit par Pierrick Rivet (translated by Pierrick Rivet)
5.| Au fond de son oeil, au creux de ta paume, une rose rouge va bientôt s’ouvrir (5.| At the bottom of his eye, in the hollow of your palm, a red rose will soon open)
traduit par Gwennaël Gaffric (translated by Gwennaël Gaffric)
6.| La comédie de la sirène (6.| The Mermaid Comedy)
traduit par Coraline Jortay (translated by Coraline Jortay)


Taiwan Fiction
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The "Taiwan Fiction" collection of books, created in 2015, features literary works by contemporary Taiwanese authors which approach with an original writing the crucial questions of our times.