Saokat Osman

Saokat Osman was born in 1917. Along with his teaching profession, he devoted more than sixty years of his life to literature. He is a distinguished author who is part of the very first generation of Bangladeshi writers, that of Syed Waliullah. He writes in all literary genres; he also translates Tolstoy, or Molière, from English. His two greatest works are novels: "Janani"in 1958 and "Kritadaser hasi" in 1962. This humanist author focuses above all on defending the values of justice and secularism and tirelessly fights fundamentalist ideas. He defines himself as a political writer and writes, he says, for the people; which probably explains why he was at the origin of the introduction into Bangladeshi literature of the dialect style which was subsequently adopted by many authors. Saokat Osman died in 1998 at the age of 81.