Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782901795469
Collection: Hors Collection
16.5 x 24.8 cm
Weight: 1428 gr
Pages: 1100
First publication: 01/06/1992

Dictionnaire général hindi-français

This is the first extensive Hindi dictionary for French speakers. It includes 25,000 entries, a summary of Hindi grammar, and a transcription of all words into Roman characters with dialectical signs. An indispensible reference tool for anyone interested in the official language of India.

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Nicole Balbir

Nicole Balbir (1924-2008) has been Professor of French at University of Patna in India (1952-1955) and Hindi Professor at INALCO in Paris (1974-1992). Director of the South Asia Department, INALCO (1980-1990). Director of the Center for Studies and Research on the Indian Subcontinent, INALCO (1976-1992). She is the co-author of Dictionnaire hindi-français, and author of the preface to the book Kâmâyanî, both published by l'Asiathèque.

Kishore Balbir Jagbans

Jagbans Kishore Balbir (1921-2018), was professor of Sanskrit between 1952 and 1962. He was civil administrator in the government of Uttar Pradesh in India. Former Head of Section, Division of Higher Education, Education Sector at UNESCO, Paris (before 1992).


Guide de l'utilisateur
I. Le lexique hindi
II. La présentation
III. L'écriture et la phonétique
1. L'écriture
1.1. Notation des voyelles
1.2. Notation des consonnes
1.3. Formes spéciales
1.4. Signes auxiliaires
2. La prononciation
2.1. Voyelles
2.2. Consonnes
2.3. Consonnes vibrantes
2.4. Phonèmes étrangers
IV. La transcription
1. Traitement de la voyelle a
2. Traitement de la voyelle R
3. Traitement de la nasalisation
4. Traitement des consonnes "vibrantes"
5. Traitement du visarga
6. Traitement des phonèmes étrangers
Précis grammatical
1. Genre et nombre
2. Déclinaison
3. Accord de l'adjectif
4. Indicateurs de fonction
5. Pronoms
6. Système verbal
7. Formes verbales impersonnelles
8. Auxiliaires modaux
9. Verbes composés
10. Voix passive
11. Dérivation verbale
12. Structure des phrases
13. Formation des mots
14. Mots composés
15. Mots doubles
Tableaux de conjugaison
Table des abréviations