His real name Phe Çang, Çadou, was born in 1917 into a poor family; he attended school until the 9th grade and then had to work. Engaging in politics, he entered before the war in the nationalist association "Dô bema". He founded a printing press; during the war he followed the liberation army of General Aung Shang (Aung San). After the war, he devoted himself to literature, writing novels, such as Ta thè ga mya kô kô, "The Valorous Dear Soldier", Eçè, "Life", and many short stories, in which he proved to be a fine psychologist, sensitive to social and ethnic problems, as in "Amina" published in Chou mewa in September 1957. He won the Sapé bei'mang prize in 1951. In addition to his activities as a writer, Çadou published a review and took care of a film company.