Aiyad Samsul Huq

Saiyad Samsul Huq was born in 1935. He is a unattached author who has found his own style: a direct, simple style with vivid descriptions, a style that one feels free, as if emancipated. He practices all genres although his preferences go towards poetry and verse theater. For the past twenty years or so, he has hardly written classic short stories, but short stories of a new genre which he calls "short storie-essay". He thus seeks to find what he thinks to be the original style of Bangladesh which he defines as a narrative supported by comments, without element of surprise, where everything is established from the beginning, a kind of "pictorial narration" which would take place touch by touch starting from any point. Saiyad Samsul Haq is considered one of the greatest Bangladeshi writers today. He is also known and appreciated in India for his plays and poetry.