Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782360573219
Collection: Hors Collection
12 x 18 cm
Weight: 116 gr
Pages: 120
First publication: 19/10/2022
CLIL: 3445
BISAC: FIC029000

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La Statue de Chaojue

(The Statue of Chaojue)

et autres fantaisies à la chinoise
(and other Chinese pastiches)

Small dramatic and laughable tales, in the Chinese way, by a playful sinologist

Piquant variations from a sinologist who stages very diverse characters, these eight short stories come straight from a French writer who knows China in depth and who, through well-defined characters, depicts a Chinese society confronted with a changing world and an authoritarian regime where a misstep can have formidable consequences. The stories presented here are deliberate attempts at cultural appropriation. They would be translated from an original collection in Chinese which was not; a sham. They take place in recent times. The characters, with some exceptions, are middle class. There are resourceful people, greedy people, people full of virtue and others a little less. Something to tell. In this collection, which has the originality of being a fake, the duplicity implemented aspires, in all innocence, to disorientate and at the same time to «de-Westernize», as Victor Segalen proposes.

• A tender and realistic look at Chinese society of today.
• After the success of Lettres d'Ogura and De Thé et d'amour, the new opus of an erudite and sensitive writer.
• An invitation to the knowledge of facets of China in tales with timeless flavors.

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"... eight short stories by an author I appreciate more and more as I read his books."

(La Bulle de Manou, 28/10/2022)
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Hubert Delahaye

Hubert Delahaye spent his professional life at the Collège de France in the field of sinology. He was attached to the Chair of Social and Intellectual History of China by Jacques Gernet then at the Institutes of the Far East as Lecturer. It was only natural that he was also interested in the neighbors Japanese, these islanders so close to the Chinese and at the same time so different ...