Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782360570485
Collection: Dictionnaires INALCO
17.1 x 24 cm
Weight: 1352 gr
Pages: 904
First publication: 20/08/2014
Last printing: 07/2014

Dictionnaire français-mongol

The authors have designed this dictionary with the intention to offer French and Mongol users a convenient and reliable tool to understand and to express oneself, presenting the Mongol language of today in all that it has of renewal and innovation. With approximately 20,000 main entries and nearly the double if one takes into account the multiple words in polysemy. Elaborated as the extension of the Mongolian-French Dictionary from Tsegmidijn Sükhbaatar and Jacques Legrand (published at L’Asiathèque and completely renewed in 2011), this dictionary is at a different scale and aims to meet the needs of multiple fields of Franco-Mongol relations, such as medicine and science. Words in Mongol are given in both Cyrillic and Uigur without transcription. Semantic identification is facilitated either with the indication of the field to which the word is associated, either with an equivalent to clarify the use (regular font), or with synonyms (bold font). Jacques Legrand is a professor of Mongol language and literature at INALCO. He was president from March 2005 to March 2013 of this Institution. Jadwiga Karkucinska-Legrand is a fluent Mongol language user. She was a lecturer at the University of Warsaw.

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Jacques Legrand

Jacques Legrand is professor of Mongolian language and literature at INALCO. He was president of INALCO from March 2005 to March 2013.

Jadwiga Karkucinska-Legrand

Jadwiga Karcucińska-Legrand is Mongolian. She was a lecturer at the University of Warsaw.