Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9782915255690
Collection: Les bilingues
12.5 x 18 cm
Weight: 145 gr
Pages: 144
First publication: 28/05/2008
Last printing: 05/2008

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Devin' devin' devinaille !

Devinettes versifiées de Turquie et du Kirghizstan
bilingual Turkish-French and Kyrgyz-French

Translation: Rémy Dor

This is a very specific book that will mainly be of interest to specialists. Nonetheless, it may also interest those curious about foreign cultures, as it is centred on the enjoyable topic of riddles. Rather than « riddle », Rémy Dor chose the word « devinaille » (from the French word for riddle: devinette), because it has a stronger implication of action, either as a tool for discovery, or as the result of guessing something, whereas the word « riddle » is linked to a childhood game. Here, it is serious, even essential, to guess; otherwise you put yourself at risk. The conclusion is generally demeaning or threatening, and failing to solve the enigma can be punished severely.

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Rémy Dor

Rémy Dor, university professor, linguist and ethnologist of the Turkish world, previously published at the Asiathèque in the “Bilingual L & M” collection five works devoted to various aspects of literary creation, oral or written tradition: lyric chantefables, tongue twisters, logogriphs, rhymes and riddles. He is a professor at Inalco.


Devinettes de Turquie • Türk bilmeceleri
Devinettes du Kirghizstan • Kïrgïz tabïšmaktarï
Sources des devinettes