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Cambodge, me voici !


Sovannary Sot

SOVANDARA. - Il existe une douceur de vivre au Cambodge. Une douceur si violente parfois, mais une douceur quand même. C'est là tout le paradoxe khmer.

METHA. - Des bêtes sauvages en sommeil, vous voulez dire.

SOVANDARA. - Malgré tout ce qui nous est arrivé, nous restons un peuple pacifique, pudique. Nous acceptons notre destinée. C'est ancré dans notre culture. Ca doit être notre côté bouddhiste.

METHA. - Il a bon dos le bouddhisme !

The torments and laughter of four women of today, between France and Cambodia, in a play in two versions (Khmer and French, facing each other).

In the play Cambodia, me voici !, four women of different generations meet at the consulate of Cambodia in Paris. They oppose, tear each other apart, but also have fun with their experiences of integration, the relationship to their homeland and their adopted country.

There is Sophea, a second-generation French-Cambodian, in search of the roots from which her mother took her apart, Sovandara, freshly arrived in France to marry a French guy she knew in Cambodia, Mom, survivor of the genocidal regime, determined to adopt a girl in her country of origin and to offer her a childhood that she did not have, and Metha, exiled before the fall of Phnom Penh, now forced to return to her homeland to say goodbye to her dying mother.

Beyond the tragic consequences of the Khmer Rouge regime, it is some universal questions that are posed: identity, quest of the self, relationship to ones roots and cultural transmission.

Cambodia, me voici ! was premiered in its French version in April 2011 in Paris with a staging by Jean-Baptiste Phou. It was then welcomed in residence at the French Institute of Cambodia and recreated in Khmer language in September 2012 in Phnom Penh, also directed by its author.

This bilingual book Cambodia, me voici ! presents the two versions in vis-à-vis. It will interest the learners of Khmer but also the lovers of Cambodia and more generally the readers in search of contemporary writings expressing this universal feeling of divergence between two cultures.

Jean-Baptiste Phou, born January 24, 1981 in Paris, is a Franch-Cambodian actor, singer, author and stage director. He has participated in musicals and played in films in France, Cambodia and the United States. In the field of theatrical creation, he wrote and directed Cambodia, me voici !, and adapted and interpreted "The Anarchist" from Soth Polin's novel.



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