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Vocabulaire du chinois contemporain I (Contemporary Chinese Vocabulary 1)

Exercices pour la préparation au HSK (Exercises for HSK’s training - First list of words)

It is the first volume in a series of 3, related to the different levels of the HSK’s tests (the Chinese language’s version of TOEFL), which represent the official reference of Chinese language’s knowledge test.
This book appeals to beginner level students, or those who have recently begun studying Chinese and whose main goal is to memorize a large amount of words quickly.
This book’s database is focused on the first HSK’s list of words (basic level), elaborated and published by the Popular Republic of China. The first part of the book offers numerous exercises targeting words, characters and grammar. The second part presents a French translation of the 1,033 words of the first HSK’s list of vocabulary. The third part is dedicated to corrections, and includes the same vocabulary, thematically gathered. The two MP3 CDs that come with the book will enriched the learners' capacity of understanding as well as their pronunciation.

The Vocabulaire du chinois contemporain II (Chinese contemporary vocabulary 2 – Exercise for HSK’s training - Second list of words) is also available.

The HSK lists having been recently modified, a small volume 1bis is published as a complement to volume 1 first print.




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