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Vocabulaire du chinois contemporain 2 (Contemporary Chinese Vocabulary 2)

Exercise for HSK’s training- Second list of words

This volume 2 retains the same approaches and offers about the same types of exercises than the volume 1. The ninety chapters are organized as follows. Chapter 1 to Chapter 18, words related to the concrete. Chapter 19 to Chapter 25, morphological aspects of vocabulary. This is an area unfortunately still not addressed by current textbooks and grammars. Chapter 26 to Chapter 59, the full words and empty words. Chapter 60 to Chapter 68, serving grammar vocabulary, and especially the lexicalization of grammatical structures. Chapter 69 to Chapter 78, learning of characters, highlighting the link between the characters and the word components. Chapter 79 to Chapter 85, lexical knowledge applied to the understanding of texts, moving gradually from reading short passages than some short stories. Chapter 86 to Chapter 90, access to cultural knowledge and the test of the new HSK test model 5, the target level with this method.
With the aim to satisfy a wide audience of readers, the author has endeavored in this book to provide fun and attractive materials by adding text to drawings and pictures whenever possible. As with Volume 1, an audio recording of exercises marked with a star is provided to enable readers to familiarize themselves with the context of words and their pronunciation and work listening comprehension.



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