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Taipei, stories around the corner


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This book which combines short stories of Taiwanese contemporary authors, proposes a dive in the atmosphere of the city of Taipei, such as it is felt by a series of characters often transplanted in the metropolis after political events, family dramas or for economic reasons. Among them, young people of diverse origins, confronted to painful moments of their existence, which wonder about their identity and their future. In interludes to these narratives sometimes bitter, dark and violent, breakaways in small restaurants in streets of the capital give to the reader some tasty halts. They are the works of Shu Kuo-chih, well known in Taiwan for its gastronomic chronicles.

L'Asiathèque published Membrane, by Chi Ta-wei, in 2015 et le Magicien sur la passerelle, by Wu Ming-yi, in 2017 in the collection "Taiwan Fiction".

Translated from chinese (Taiwan) under the direction of Gwennaël Gaffric, author of the preface : "Taipei, story and stories".

Jane Jian - Lin Yao-teh - Walis Nokan - Lo Yi-chin - Wu Ming-yi - Chi Ta-wei - Chang Wan-k'ang - Chou Tan-ying - Shu Kuo-chih

Short stories and chronicles translated by Olivier Bialais, Marie-Paule Chamayou, Mélie Chen, Gwennaël Gaffric, Coraline Jortay, Marie Laureillard, Damien Ligot, Lise Pouchelon et Chingjin Wu-Soldani




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