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Scènes de vie en Corée (Scenes of everyday life in Korea)

Un essai d'interprétation (An attempt of interpretation)


Martine Prost

Author of preface

Pierre Cambon

"This book is a mine of useful information, a source of reflection often much more richer than many academic theses and scholarly articles because the author knows how to present them with their meaning and context and because the reading is always exciting, the narrative lively, fun and easy, free and of a great honesty. It is a journey into Korea in its very authentic everyday life : joy, anguish, a visceral vitality that goes sometimes with a kind of Baudelairian spleen as expressed in music. [...] Reading this book is highly recommendable because of its approach that ignores all conventions and cliches, but also for issues it raises on the world of today - Korea in itself, Korea as an example, Korea as mirror and a question." (excerpts from the preface by Pierre Cambon, Curator of the Korean collections at Musée Guimet, Paris)



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