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Précis pratique de grammaire grecque moderne (Practical handbook of modern greek grammar)


Henri Tonnet

With this practical handbook, French speakers have at hand a quick reference to solve problems they may encounter in modern Greek grammar. Specifically designed for a French-speaking audience, this handy reference book develops in detail grammatical points which are often ignored in books designed for a Greek-speaking audience or a generalized foreign public. Here, the reader can find rules for orienting oneself around the "principle accent", learning the necessary and habitual word order, and choosing between abbreviated or continuous verbal forms. There are also translations of various Gallicisms. Tables giving the most important informations are grouped at the end of the book for easy reference. The book also contains a glossary of grammatical terms and an index of commonly studied Greek words. In the style of past Greek grammar books, the handbook also includes a list of rules to memorize, with accompanying examples.

The author, Henri Tonnet, is an emeritus professor of modern Greek language and literature (Paris IV – Sorbonne University). He has also published Histoire du grec moderne (The History of Modern Greek) with the same publisher, L'Asiathèque. In collaboration with Georgios Galanes, he has expanded Méthode de grec moderne volume 1 (Modern Greek Language Method volume 1) and Méthode de grec moderne volume 2 (Modern Greek Language Method volume 2), published by L'Asaithèque.



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