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Nuances and subtleties of Chinese language

Manual of lexical analysis for French speakers 2

This book is following the volume Mots chinois, mots français - Manuel d’analyse lexicale pour francophones 1 (Chinese words, French words - Manual of lexical analysis for French speakers 1), written by Honghua Poizat-Xie and Nicolas Zufferey. It analyses precisely a list of 300 words, considered to be problematic by French intermediate and advanced learners.
The goal being mainly educational, this book was built as a useful tool, more detailed than a dictionary, with numerous illustrative examples for each word. Yet, it is not as precise as a research article or a specialized study. Indeed, the authors chose to focus on a selective and targeted list, applying to the learner's needs, rather than an exhaustive one.
It can be useful for teachers, as a concise and efficient tool to expand on vocabulary and grammatical analysis, and for intermediate and advanced students who want to deepen and improve their knowledge, through a better understanding and use of a word rather than another.



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