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Méthode de turc Vol. 2

This book follows the Turkish language method Volume 1 and offers a comprehensive study of modern Turkish. Conceived to help intermediate ans advanced level learners, it provides an overview of Turkish grammar and gives to know the Turkish vocabulary in all its diversity.

The purpose of this second book is to continue through a pedagogical adapted approach, the program initiated by the first, the aim is to gradually introduce the essence of contemporary Turkish language in both volumes.

What sets differently this volume from the first one is the progression from texts designed for the need of the initial learning to authentic texts from various authors, with their natural and original, but also unexpected forms. The study of authors' texts is certainly an efficient way to immerse oneself in a language and its culture.

At the same time as being a learning tool, this book can be seen as an anthology allowing a wider audience interested in the cultures of the world, to better know great figures of Turkish literature.

Cybele Berk is a lecturer, Michel Bozdemir is a professor at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations.



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