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Méthode de chinois troisième niveau (Chinese Language Methode Third Level)

Third in the series, this manual has been intended for the level of License 2 of the Department of Chinese Studies of INALCO and follows the Chinese Language Method Second Level, used in Year 1 of the same institution, and the Chinese Language Method First Level starting from the beginner level. The three volumes can be used in group lessons or as self-taught. At the end of the study of these three volumes, the learner will know about 1,500 characters and 3,200 words, and will be able to communicate orally and in writing on topics concerning daily life and contemporary Chinese society. (level B2 of the CECR)

The manual is composed of 12 lessons which are divided into three parts, the first centered on oral, the second on writing and the third on grammar and vocabulary. Two revision lessons, located in the middle and at the end of the manual, make it possible to take stock of the knowledge acquired. The audio recordings (174 tracks, more than 8 hours of listening), accessible track by track by QR codes in the book, are also downloadable in mp3 format here, as well as the corrected ones of the oral and writtealn exercises and that the transcription of the recordings in pdf format.

Original illustrations by Cao Siyu

Supplementsto the manual (free) : solutions to the exercises ans transcriptions of audio recordings of oral exercises.



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