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Méthode de chinois deuxième niveau (Chinese language method, second level) - New Edition 2017

This manual is designed for First degree at Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales in Paris (INALCO), and follows the Méthode de chinois, premier niveau (Chinese Language Method, First Level) 汉语 入门 (L'Asiathèque, New Edition 2017), used during the initiation of the same institution. These two books along with the MP3 CD form the basis for a university degree in four years, provided by a department specializing in Chinese studies.

After a rational and regular study of the two volumes, the learner will know 1,000 usual characters and about 2,000 common words as well as the basic grammar of modern Chinese. This knowledge will enable him to communicate orally and in writing on topics related to daily life and society (level B1 of CEFR and HSK level 4).

The MP3 CD contains the "Understanding and Speaking" parts of each lesson (More than 7 hours of listening).

Solutions to oral comprehension exercises, translation of texts, solutions to written exercises. (in French)

The three authors, Zhitang Yang-Drocourt, Liu Hong and Fan Jianmin, with Isabelle Rabut, who brought her collaboration to this book, have participated in various capacities in the writing of Méthode de chinois premier niveau (Chinese Language Method, First Level). They ensured a perfect continuity between the two volumes.
Original artwork by Denis 'Pic' Lelièvre.

Supplement to the language method : Pinyin transcription of texts and dialogues.

Accompaniment available to actively memorize 500 additional common characters taught in the Chinese Language Method, second level: CHINESE Writing Exercises II Five hundred more common characters.

Complementary element: Pinyin transcription of texts and dialogues.

To be published (spring 2018): Chinese Language Method, third level, by Arnaud Arslangul, Guo Jing, Christine Lamarre and Li Jing, and Chinese vocabulary second level - practice and improvment, by Zhitang Yang-Drocourt.



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