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Manuel de népali (Nepali Language Manual)

The Manuel de népali (Nepali Language Manual), by Marie-Christine Cabaud, former Master of Conferences at the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations (INALCO), introduces the student first to the language and its writing system, and then to the structures underlying its use. The supporting texts and grammar explanations teach the student the essentials of the contemporary language. Exercises require the student to actively use the language. Fables and animal tales introduce the student to Nepalese culture, and open a window into the collective unconscious of Nepal. The volume also includes thematic appendices and a double lexicon, Nepali-French and French-Nepali. Whether self-taught or taking a class, students will profit from listening repeatedly to the recordings. The recordings allow students to test their listening comprehension and pronunciation, thereby gaining enough familiarity with the language to communicate effectively.

Audio recordings that go along with this book can be downloaded for free by clicking here. About 50 minutes of listening.



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