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Le pain éternel (The eternal bread)

Bilingual Russian-French

Composed of four Russian short stories written in the 1930s – "Le pain éternel", "La lumière invisible", "Monsieur le Rire" et "La cape de l'Ouest" (The Eternal Bread, The Invisible Light, Mister Laughter, and The Western Cape) – this collection plunges the reader into visionary science fiction tales. In one of the stories, a scientist is at the brink of a discovery that could save humanity and bring him glory and riches, but human greed turns the story in the opposite direction. Dark humor, a disenchanted view of mankind, and startling premonitions characterize the writings of Alexandre Beliaev (1884-1942), the author of numerous novels and science fiction short stories. The work of this Russian Jules Verne, very much admired in his country, is only now being translated into French : what a discovery!

"... full of poetry, originality, humanism and force..." (



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