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Le Magicien sur la passerelle (The Magician on the bridge)


Ming-yi Wu


Gwennaël Gaffric

On the bridge between the "Ai" (Love) building and the "Hsin" (Trust) building of the Chunghua Grand Market in Taipei, a magician exercises his art. Around him, a whole world is activated in small trades. The narrator, who is about ten years old at the time, holds a soles stand in front of the illusionist. Like his comrades, he is fascinated by his tricks, some of which go beyond the skillful mystification of the conjurer and seem to lead to mysterious parallel worlds. Having become an adult and still haunted by this troubling character, he questions those of his generation who may have had contact with him earlier. The evocation of the memory of the magician gives rise to a mosaic of stories, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, where the market becomes the kingdom of adventure and fantasy and where the dreams and the existential anxieties of young Taiwanese of the capital .



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