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L'Art de la controverse

A collection of six short stories in which characters see their lives turned upside down by impromptu situations or changes of habit.

Author of numerous collections of short stories, Park Hyoung-su, born in Chuncheon (South Korea) in 1972, made his debut as a writer in the 2000s with texts written for the literary magazine Hyundae Munhak. He teaches creative writing at Korea University. His work, still little translated, disconcerts and fascinates with its creative power and originality.

With a sharp and incisive writing, a sharp humor and a taste for absurd situations, Park Hyoung-su is a master in the art.

"It twists, tortures, mistreats and distorts reality to dynamize a sanitized rationality. (Pyun Hye-young, Munjang)

"His stories captivate the reader by deploying an abundant network of meanings. ". (Hwang Sok-yong, Munhak Dongnae)



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