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La descente du Gange (The descent of the Ganges)

Author of preface

Charles Malamoud


France Bhattacharya

At a village assembly, a group of several men and one woman return endlessly and obstinately to the terrible circumstances of their pilgrimage to the source of the Ganges river, trying to find a reason for the cataclysmic events that befell them. Under the guidance of Lokenath Bhattacharya, we are called to search with them for the true reasons for the collapse threatening our earth, and to examine our responsibility for the imminent chaos.  Will the world disappear ? Yes, undoubtedly – but will it return ? It is here that the great Indian myths intertwine to show us how to accept the inevitability of our end, and how it is merely a moment in a cycle where regeneration follows destruction. "Out of the flood will rise one day a new forest of banyan trees and majestic fig trees, the atmosphere filled with the breath of sunlight."

Philosophical tale translated from Bengali.



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