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Invitation au japonais (Japanese, an invitation)

Discovering the language and the writing

Few hours of reading, 400 ideograms, 1,000 useful words, and a conversation guide - this book opens a window into the life and culture of Japan and is perfect for businesspeople, engineers and scientists, French trainees and residents in Japan, university students, tourists, and all those who want to learn something about the world while staying comfortably at home.

Late Jean Mathieu, a chemistry engineer, and Colette Batsch, a visual artist, have developed a passion for Chinese and Japanese ideograms after numerous travels in Japan. Their objective has been to rid people of their complexes in front of these strange characters which at first look so abstruse and to give them some easy clues to enter this fascinating world.
Colette Batsch now devotes herself to building original structures with various materials, that she presents in exhibitions in Paris.



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