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Dictionnaire kurde-français (Kurdish-French dictionary) (Sorani)


Halkawt Hakem

Sorani Kurdish is spoken by a population estimated at twelve million people in the northeast of lraq, northwest of Iran, in some large Middle Eastern cities like Baghdad and Tehran, in Europe - Sweden and England - and in the U.S.
Switching from oral to writing at the turn of the nineteenth century, Sorani is today the language  of a rich literature, given the vicissitudes it had undergone. It is used for teaching by hundreds of schools and three universities in Iraqi Kurdistan. Iraq's Constitution, adopted by referendum in 2005, recognizes Kurdish language as one of the two official languages ​​along with Arabic. The majority of Kurdish speakers in this country speak Sorani. It became the official language of the administration of the regional government of Iraqi Kurdistan, a region currently growing economically, culturally and politically.
This dictionary includes 22,000 entries, plus more than 2,300 variants, 1,400 compound verbs and about 1,000 locutions and expressions. It focuses on contemporary language in the different registers of writing and oral, in Iraqi Kurdistan as well as in Iranian Kurdistan.
Halkawt Hakem, University professor, translator and lexicographer, teaches Kurdish language and literature at INALCO since 1979. He is the author of many studies on Kurdish people, its culture and its beliefs.

A reference dictionary.



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