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Cours de vietnamien (Vietnamese language course)

The Vietnamese language belongs to the Mon-Khmer branch of Austroasiatic languages​​. It is spoken in Vietnam by 98 million people, 85% are from Kinh Kinh and 15% from ethnic minorities using the Vietnamese as the language. It is also the language of Vietnamese minorities neighbouring countries: China, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand where many Vietnamese live.
It is a monosyllabic isolating language and has a system of six tones. The assimilation of tones, as well as listening to speech, is the biggest challenge of learning. This course devotes an important chapter in the preamble in which the audio recording is an essential addition.
The book is divided into three parts with a total of sixty lessons in classical structured text, vocabulary and grammar. A Vietnamese-French lexicon of 96 pages can be found at the end of the volume.

Audio recordings that go along with the first part of this book can be downloaded for free by clicking here. About 50 minutes of listening.



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