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Cantiques d'abandon et d'adoration (Hymn of adoration and abandonment)

Fourteen songs extracted from Divan by Yunus Émrè, selected, translated and presented by Rémy Dor


Younous Ëmre


Rémy Dor

To preserve the flavor, richness and beauty of the texts of Yunus Émrè, Rémy Dor chose to travel to the Middle French of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The reader will find in the left page turkish text in transcription, notes and scholia which accompany and in the right page text in Middle French as well as informative and literal translation in modern French. The play of colors will enable him to distinguish the basis Turke and input Arabic and Persian.
Of the 205 poems in the Divan, Rémy Dor has selected 14 for their formal perfection and spiritual intensity. This initiatory journey covers a hebdomad or nycthémères 7, to discuss the fateful date of 707 (where Yunus Emre became dervish), the seven songs of dusk and dawn 7 carols being separated by the neutral element of the midnight, 0 hours.
Yunus Émrè, a poet of the fourteenth century, is considered as the first great humanist Turkish His poetry combines the core values ​​of Islam to the folk tradition of Anatolia. Driven by a mystical vocation, it is - in a time of disorder and violence - his genius in the service of the afflicted and brings solace to those who have no hope. His aura is still huge in Turkey.



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