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Map of the memory

The Khmer Rouge years have provoked in Cambodian society a form of amnesia that erases large strata of previous history.

The ambition of this book is to show the complexity of a story that is not reduced to the splendor of Angkor and the horror of the Khmer Rouge years. In order to perceive the stakes, some of the best scholars who meet successively question the angkorian myths and survivals, the memorial processes from the time of the protectorate to the present day, as well as the post-Khmer red art. This mapping of memory allows the reader to grasp the imaginary of a country in the midst of a social, economic and cultural mutation.

Authors of contribution : Olivier de Bernon, Sabine Bouckaert, Isabelle Flour, Alain Forest, Boreth Ly, Stéphanie Bopha Nann, Suppya Hélène Nut, Patrick Nardin, Soko Phay, Serge Rémy, Clothilde Roullier, Khatharya Um.



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